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Git Started with Git

published 01 May 2009

One of the best parts about my internship at Thoughtbot is that I’m able to participate in the awesome Ruby user group meetings nearby. For the month of April I talked about learning Git and how it can be integrated into your daily life at three different venues: Boston.rb, BarCampBoston 4, and NHRuby. Here’s the slides from the talk:


What I definitely enjoyed the most was getting questions and feedback from the audience. I was half afraid that I was leaving them far behind with some of the advanced topics (especially with rebasing) but from what I gathered most seemed pretty solid after the talk. I don’t think I could ask for more than responses like this (thanks!):

One aspect that really bit me was dealing with amount of material and questions, especially since the time requirements were different for all three. I cut plenty of slides out to fit it under an hour by the end, since my original timeslot was roughly double that. You can get all three versions if you’re extra curious here.

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