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GitHub Rebase #6

published 01 Dec 2008

The sixth edition of my column is live:>github</span>rebase–6

I’m slowly improving the parsing process. For the last edition I broke out all of the work the app does into rake tasks, and then the Rails site is just for viewing the data. Basically there’s a few steps:

  1. Download ATOM feeds (This week, 1400. Last week, 1200).
  2. Check that all of the downloads went ok. (Bad gateway errors happen to good people)
  3. Parse the files, making sure that events are unique and users forkers are logged.

Surprisingly I’m relying less and less on my app to get the column together, which is good. Huge kudos to the GitHubbers for creating the Recently Created page for each language. This helps me diversify the column while avoiding a lot of data crunching on my end.

Next week I definitely want to parse the entire month’s worth of events to really see the trends come out. Luckily their atom feed goes back 4000-5000 pages (of 30 events each) or this wouldn’t be able to happen. What this will mean is that I’ll actually have to optimize the download and parsing as much as possible. Stay tuned!

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