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Where do you get Ruby news from?

published 19 Oct 2008

I’m wondering where other fellow Ruby and Rails hackers get their Ruby-related news fix from. For some reason I just feel continually disconnected from the community at large and I just want to make sure I’m taking advantage of the resources out there. So here’s my news sources:

  1. Ruby.Reddit ( This seems to be one of the most active sources, and usually the commentors are fantastic. It’s community-driven news at its best, but sometimes it’s a little slow compared to the other subreddits. What I like most about it is that the community is relatively small, so if you post a story it usually sticks on the page for a few days.
  2. RubyFlow ( I just got into RubyFlow recently, and it seems more like the community well than anything. You can throw a coin in and wish for some visitors to your blog, but you’re usually lost in the mix. It’s a very interesting concept though, and it’s definitely fun to see big names in the Ruby community on the list.
  3. Ruby.Alltop ( Alltop is awesome for getting an overall sense of where the community is right now. It’s Guy Kawasaki’s ‘magazine rack’ of latest Ruby stories…essentially a RSS aggregator. I’ve discovered quite a few blogs I didn’t know about and now keep track of through it. One of my goals with this blog is to get on there someday! :)

I suppose my secondary news sources would be Freenode’s various Ruby channels (mostly #rubyonrails) and the Rails mailing list, but I don’t check those as often. I’ve also heard about a secret channel, but who knows if I’ll ever get in there. Those also don’t have a handy RSS feed, so I tend not to check them as often. So, where do you get news about the Ruby community from?

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