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Raytracers, snowflakes, and Pac-Man, oh my!

published 23 May 2008

So yeah, this is pretty much what I’ve been up to for the past, oh, 3 months/1 quarter of school. These are a few of the projects I’ve done for my Computer Graphics 2 class (which I just got an A in, booyah!)

First up, the classic CG application, a ray tracer complete with phongphongphong shading, procedural shading on the floor, reflection, transmission, and even some tone reproduction.

Secondly, my quarter long personal project, a simple particle system/b-spline curve generator in XNA, dubbed Q-Blizzard. Turned out to be quite pretty, not exactly configurable though.

And finally, an image that won me a $25 Barnes and Noble gift certificate in the Pixar Renderman Shader contest. I won third place out of around 30 images! My roommate noted that I should have added an OM NOM NOM caption in for kicks.

Hopefully this will mark my return to regular blogging (going to try monday, wednesday, friday) for the summer and onward. Hell, if mittens can keep up his Daily postings for 2 months, I can do it too. Right? …Right? (I seem to tell myself every few months or so…)

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