Thanks, 2012

Thanks to my parents and grandparents, who now we can live close enough to see again on a regular basis. Yes, I’ll try to clean out my old room in 2013. Thanks to my brother for letting me win at least one Super Smash Bros game this year.

Thanks to my mother-in-law, and my brother and sisters-in-law for putting up with years of me being tangled to my computer and for always being welcoming into your family.

— — —

Thanks to our friends here in Buffalo, especially Mark & Becca: Through board games, movies, sports games, BBQs, porch hangouts, and more, you’ve made us feel at home. Sorry about the dog hair on your clothes.

Thanks to my partners at CoworkBuffalo, Kevin, Dan, and Brian, and our customers. You all have proven our little community of freelancers and remote workers is more productive and happy when we’re together.

Thanks to the tech community here in Buffalo, from meeting for coffee, to helping me start OpenHack nights, to organizing talks at the Ruby group: you’ve shown me that no matter how small the city, the passion is just as big.

— — —

Thanks to Jason, David, and all of my coworkers at 37signals. I’ve learned an immense amount in the past year from everyone about how to make products that we are proud of. Thanks for answering my questions, being patient, and taking time out of your day to help me out.

Thanks to those who toil away at open source thanklessly and tirelessly. Your work does not go unnoticed. Thanks to those who work hard behind the scenes to make the impossible possible for thousands of open source consumers. There needs to be more of you.

Thanks to my fellow RubyGems maintainers and overseers: Evan, Eric, Erik, Chris, Terence - it’s crazy to think of where Ruby as a whole would be without your efforts. Please keep it up…more than we can ever imagine are depending on us.

— — —

Thanks to Ben, for being my friend for many years, and I hope we can be friends for many more.

Thanks to my friends and former coworkers in Boston. We miss you, and you need to come visit Buffalo. We’ll try to make it out there again soon.

Thanks to anyone who took time to come see me speak this year. I hope the GIFs were entertaining, and you learned something.

— — —

To those I missed: Thank you. Happy 2013.